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SEC Filings

SEVEN STARS CLOUD GROUP, INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 11/20/2017
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Our Board consists of one class of directors, which together currently include seven members: Bruno Wu, Shane McMahon, Robert Benya, James Cassano, Jerry Fan, Jin Shi and Xin Wang. Effective upon the Annual Meeting, our board will consist of seven members. Each director serves from the date of his election until the end of his term and until his successor is elected and qualified.


Each of the directors listed above have been nominated as candidates for election as directors, as follows:


Proposal 1: Seven directors, including Bruno Wu, Shane McMahon, Robert Benya, James Cassano, Jerry Fan, Jin Shi and Xin Wang to be elected by the holders of the Company’s Common Stock and Series A Preferred Stock, voting together as a single class.


If elected, the directors will hold office until the next Annual Meeting and until their respective successor is elected and qualified. Unless authority is withheld, the proxies solicited by the board of directors will be voted “FOR” the election of the nominee. In case the nominee becomes unavailable for election to the board of directors, an event that is not anticipated, the persons named as proxies, or their substitutes, will have full discretion and authority to vote or refrain from voting for any other candidate in accordance with their judgment.


The following paragraphs set forth information regarding the current ages, positions, and business experience of the nominees.


Board Nominees


Bruno Wu


Director Since: January 2016 Age: 50


Mr. Wu has served as our Chairman since January 12, 2016. Mr. Wu is the founder, co-chairman and CEO of Sun Seven Stars Media Group Limited, a private media and investment company in China, since 2007. Its predecessor is Sun Media Group Holdings Limited, which was established by Mr. Wu and his spouse in 1999. Mr. Wu served as chairman of Sun Media Group from 1999 to 2007 and was former director of Shanda Group, a private investment group, from 2006 to 2009 and as former co-chairman of Sina Corporation (NASDAQ: SINA), a Chinese media and Internet services company, from 2001 to 2002. Additionally, Mr. Wu served as the chief operating officer for ATV, a free-to-air television broadcaster in Hong Kong, from 1998 to 1999. Mr. Wu served as a director of Seven Star Works Co Ltd (KOSDAQ:121800) between 2015 to 2017, and served as a director of Semir Garment Co. Ltd (SHE:00256) between 2008 and 2012. Mr. Wu received a Ph.D. from the School of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University in 2001 and prior to that received an M.A. in International Relations from Washington University, a B.A. in Business Management from Culver-Stockton College of Missouri and a diploma in Superior Studies in French Literature from the School of French Language and Literature at the University of Savoie in Chambery, France.


Mr. Wu is a leading media investor and entrepreneur with experience in helping Chinese media companies achieve business transformation, operational and financial performance improvement and sustainable business growth. In light of our business and structure, Mr. Wu’s extensive executive, industry and management experience led us to the conclusion that he should serve as a director of our Company.