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SEVEN STARS CLOUD GROUP, INC. filed this Form DEF 14A on 11/20/2017
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The inspector of election appointed for the Annual Meeting will determine the existence of a quorum and will tabulate the votes cast at the Annual Meeting. For purposes of determining the presence of a quorum, abstentions and broker “non-votes” (shares held by a bank, broker or other nominee that does not have the authority, either express or discretionary, to vote on a particular matter) will be counted by us as present at the Annual Meeting. Abstentions and broker non-votes, however, do not technically constitute a “vote cast” (affirmatively or negatively) on any matter and thus will be disregarded in the calculation of votes cast and whether shareholder approval of the matter has been obtained. Therefore, an abstention or broker non-vote will not have the effect of a vote for or against the proposal and will not be counted in determining the number of votes required for approval, though they will be counted as present at the Annual Meeting in determining the presence of a quorum.


Under the NASDAQ rules regulating banks, brokers or other nominees and under applicable rules of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, or the Commission, brokers, banks or other nominees that have not received voting instructions from a customer ten days prior to the meeting date may only vote the customer’s shares in discretion of the bank, broker or other nominee on proposals regarding “routine” matters, which in most cases includes the ratification of the appointment of the independent registered public accounting firm. However, without your specific instructions, your bank, broker, or other nominee may not vote your shares in the election of directors.


The cost of soliciting proxies will be borne by us. In addition to the solicitation of proxies by mail, we may utilize some of the officers and employees (who will receive no compensation in addition to their regular salaries), to solicit proxies personally and by telephone. Currently, we do not intend to retain a solicitation firm to assist in the solicitation of proxies. We may request banks, brokers and other custodians, nominees and fiduciaries to forward copies of the proxy materials to their principals and to request authority for the execution of proxies and will reimburse such persons for their expenses in so doing.