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SEVEN STARS CLOUD GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/13/2017
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Exhibit 10.2

Technical License Agreement


Party A (Licensee): Guangxi Dragon Coin Network Technology Co., Ltd.


Party A’s shareholders

Zhou Qijun


Song Fei


Party B (Licensor): Wecast Services Group Limited


Whereas, Party A will be licensed from Party B the joint interests of project technology and operation earnings of Party B’s associated companies for business development, Party A and Party B have entered into this Agreement via friendly negotiation in accordance with the Contract Law of P.R.C. and related laws and regulations on 17th Oct. 2017.


1.Parties to the agreement


1.1Party A: Guangxi Dragon Coin Network Technology Co., Ltd. is a limited company incorporated in China;

Zhou Qijun

Song Fei


1.2Party B: Wecast Services Group Limited, a company registered in Hong Kong, the registered address: 16 / F, Wing On CTR, 111 Connaught RD, Central, Hong Kong, and its designated affiliates, including but not limited to Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. a Nasdaq-listed company registered in Nevada, USA (code: SSC, Chinese name for the seven stars cloud group, referred to as "Seven Stars Cloud"), Registered Address: 318 North Carson Street, Suite 208, Carson City Nevada.




2.1Part B shall authorize Party A to operate the offering of real-asset-based digital assets of red coin chain and securitization of associated assets, and entitle Party A with the non-exclusive permanent right to use the technologies of trading platform and the right of earnings generated from direct operation;


2.2Rights and interests of securitizing real assets generated from industry internet transactions between red-coin-chain-related Seven Stars Cloud and other companies.


2.3The capability of global top block-chain team to design and offer real-asset-based digital assets and self-own digital assets, i.e., the operation licensing of and long term technical support to red coin chain. Try to optimize the investment returns and realize scalable investment earnings that can be consolidated at the premise of controllable risks


2.4Provide rights and interests of cooperation with the US leading and highly regulated trading platform DBOT. When the offering and trading of digital assets is legalized, and meanwhile generate scalable and consolidated earnings from investment and trading via ABS, ETF, BTF (block chain based ETF), index products and financial derivatives。