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SEC Filings

SEVEN STARS CLOUD GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/13/2017
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Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc., Its Subsidiaries and Variable Interest Entities


loans shall be deemed to be interest-free. The term of the Loan Agreement is perpetual, and may only be terminated upon the Nominee Shareholders receiving repayment notice, or upon the occurrence of an event of default under the terms of the agreement. The loan extended to the Nominee Shareholders and the capital of SSF are fully eliminated in the consolidated financial statements.


Management Services Agreement


In addition to the SSF VIE Agreements, the Company’s subsidiary and the parent company of YOD WFOE, YOU On Demand (Asia) Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of Hong Kong (“YOD Hong Kong”) entered into a Management Services Agreement with SSF, dated as of April 6, 2016 (the “Management Services Agreement”). Pursuant to a Management Services Agreement, YOD Hong Kong has the exclusive right to provide to SSF management, financial and other services related to the operation of SSF’s business, and SSF is required to take all commercially reasonable efforts to permit and facilitate the provision of the services by YOD Hong Kong. As compensation for providing the services, YOD Hong Kong is entitled to receive a fee from SSF, upon demand, equal to 100% of the annual net profits as calculated on accounting policies generally accepted in the PRC of SSF during the term of the Management Services Agreement. YOD Hong Kong may also request ad hoc quarterly payments of the aggregate fee, which payments will be credited against SSF’s future payment obligations.


In addition, at the sole discretion of YOD Hong Kong, SSF is obligated to transfer to YOD Hong Kong, or its designee, any part or all of the business, personnel, assets and operations of SSF which may be lawfully conducted, employed, owned or operated by YOD Hong Kong, including:


(a)        business opportunities presented to, or available to SSF may be pursued and contracted for in the name of YOD Hong Kong rather than SSF, and at its discretion, YOD Hong Kong may employ the resources of SSF to secure such opportunities;


(b)        any tangible or intangible property of SSF, any contractual rights, any personnel, and any other items or things of value held by SSF may be transferred to YOD Hong Kong at book value;


(c)        real property, personal or intangible property, personnel, services, equipment, supplies and any other items useful for the conduct of the business may be obtained by YOD Hong Kong by acquisition, lease, license or otherwise, and made available to SSF on terms to be determined by agreement between YOD Hong Kong and SSF;


(d)        contracts entered into in the name of SSF may be transferred to YOD Hong Kong, or the work under such contracts may be subcontracted, in whole or in part, to YOD Hong Kong, on terms to be determined by agreement between YOD Hong Kong and SSF; and


(e)        any changes to, or any expansion or contraction of, the business may be carried out in the exercise of the sole discretion of YOD Hong Kong, and in the name of and at the expense of, YOD Hong Kong;


provided, however, that none of the foregoing may cause or have the effect of terminating (without being substantially replaced under the name of YOD Hong Kong) or adversely affecting any license, permit or regulatory status of SSF.


The term of the Management Services Agreement is 20 years, and may not be terminated by SSF, except with the consent of, or a material breach by, YOD Hong Kong.


Pursuant to the above contractual agreements, YOD WFOE can have the assets transferred freely out of SSF without any restrictions. Therefore, YOD WFOE considers that there is no asset of SSF that can be used only to settle obligation of YOD WFOE, except for the registered capital of SSF amounting to RMB 50.0 million (approximately $7.5 million), among which RMB 27.6 million (approximately $4.1 million) has been injected as of September 30, 2017. As SSF is incorporated as limited liability company under PRC Company Law, creditors of this entity do not have recourse to the general credit of other entities of the Company.


Financial Information


On June 30, 2017, Company entered into BT SPA, under which Zhong Hai Shi Xun Media, which was formerly 80% owned by Sinotop Beijing, was sold to BT. The details of this transaction are disclosed in Note 11.


The following financial information of our VIEs, as applicable for the periods presented, affected the Company's consolidated financial statements.