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SEVEN STARS CLOUD GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/13/2017
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Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc., Its Subsidiaries and Variable Interest Entities


determined by YOD WFOE at its sole discretion, subject to any restrictions imposed by PRC law. The term of the agreement is until all of the equity interest in SSF held by the Nominee Shareholders is transferred to YOD WFOE, or its designee and may not be terminated by any party to the agreement without consent of the other parties.


Power of Attorney


Pursuant to the Power of Attorney agreements among YOD WFOE, SSF and each of the respective Nominee Shareholders, dated April 5, 2016, each of the Nominee Shareholders granted YOD WFOE the irrevocable right, for the maximum period permitted by law, to all of its voting rights as shareholders of SSF. The Nominee Shareholders may not transfer any of their equity interest in SSF to any party other than YOD WFOE. The Power of Attorney agreements may not be terminated except until all of the equity in SSF has been transferred to YOD WFOE or its designee.


Technical Service Agreement


Pursuant to the Technical Service Agreement, dated April 5, 2016, between YOD WFOE and SSF, YOD WFOE has the exclusive right to provide technical service, marketing and management consulting service, financial support service and human resource support services to SSF, and SSF is required to take all commercially reasonable efforts to permit and facilitate the provision of the services by YOD WFOE. As compensation for providing the services, YOD WFOE is entitled to receive service fees from SSF equivalent to YOD WFOE’s cost plus 20-30% of such costs as calculated on accounting policies generally accepted in the PRC. YOD WFOE and SSF agree to periodically review the service fee and make adjustments as deemed appropriate. The term of the Technical Services Agreement is perpetual, and may only be terminated upon written consent of both parties.


Spousal Consent


Pursuant to the Spousal Consent, dated April 5, 2016, undersigned by the respective spouse of the Nominee Shareholders (collectively, the “Spouses”), the Spouses unconditionally and irrevocably agreed to the execution of the Equity Pledge Agreement, Call Option Agreement and Power of Attorney agreement. The Spouses agreed to not make any assertions in connection with the equity interest of SSF and to waive consent on further amendment or termination of the Equity Pledge Agreement, Call Option Agreement and Power of Attorney agreement. The Spouses further pledge to execute all necessary documents and take all necessary actions to ensure appropriate performance under these agreements upon YOD WFOE’s request. In the event the Spouses obtain any equity interests of SSF which are held by the Nominee Shareholders, the Spouses agreed to be bound by the SSF VIE Agreements, including the Technical Services Agreement, and comply with the obligations thereunder, including sign a series of written documents in substantially the same format and content as the SSF VIE Agreements.


Letter of Indemnification


Pursuant to the Letter of Indemnification among YOD WFOE and Lan Yang and YOD WFOE and Yun Zhu, both dated as of April 5, 2016, YOD WFOE agreed to indemnify Nominee Shareholders against any personal, tax or other liabilities incurred in connection with their role in equity transfer to the greatest extent permitted under PRC law. YOD WFOE further waived and released the Nominee Shareholders from any claims arising from, or related to, their role as the legal shareholder of SSF, provided that their actions as a nominee shareholder are taken in good faith and are not opposed to YOD WFOE’s best interests. The Nominee Shareholders will not be entitled to dividends or other benefits generated therefrom, or receive any compensation in connection with this arrangement. The Letter of Indemnification will remain valid until either the Nominee Shareholders or YOD WFOE terminates the agreement by giving the other party hereto 60 days’ prior written notice.


Loan Agreement


Pursuant to the Loan Agreement among YOD WFOE and the Nominee Shareholders, dated April 5, 2016, YOD WFOE agrees to lend RMB 19.8 million and RMB 0.2 million, respectively, to the Nominee Shareholders for the purpose of establishing SSF and for development of its business. As of December 31, 2016, RMB 27.6 million (US $4.2 million) and RMB nil have been lent to Lan Yang and Yun Zhu, respectively. Lan Yang has contributed all of the RMB 27.6 million (US $4.2 million) in the form of capital contribution. The loan can only be repaid by a transfer by the Nominee Shareholders of their equity interests in SSF to YOD WFOE or YOD WFOE’s designated persons, through (i) YOD WFOE having the right, but not the obligation to at any time purchase, or authorize a designated person to purchase, all or part of the Nominee Shareholders’ equity interests in SSF at such price as YOD WFOE shall determine (the “Transfer Price”), (ii) all monies received by the Nominee Shareholders through the payment of the Transfer Price being used solely to repay YOD WFOE for the loans, and (iii) if the Transfer Price exceeds the principal amount of the loans, the amount in excess of the principal amount of the loans being deemed as interest payable on the loans, and to be payable to YOD WFOE in cash. Otherwise, the