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SEC Filings

SEVEN STARS CLOUD GROUP, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 08/14/2017
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On January 30, 2017, the Company entered into a Securities Purchase Agreement (the “Sun Video SPA”) with BT Capital Global Limited which has been controlled by Company’s chairman Bruno Wu, for the purchase by us of all of the outstanding capital stock of Sun Video Group Hong Kong Limited. On January 31, 2017, the Company entered into another Securities Purchase Agreement (the “Wide Angle SPA”) with BT and Sun Seven Stars Media Group Limited, one of the Company’s largest shareholders, controlled by Mr. Wu, as guarantor, for the purchase by us of 55% of the outstanding capital stock of Wide Angle. After acquiring these two entities, other than our legacy YOD business, we are also engaged with consumer electronics and smart hand held device design and supply chain management business.


On June 30, 2017, Company entered into another Securities Purchase Agreement (the “BT SPA”) with BT, pursuant to which the issued and outstanding stock that SSC holds in three separate non-core assets were sold to BT in exchange for RMB100 million (approximately $14.75 million at current exchange rate) in a combination of cash and publicly traded stock to be paid to SSC within one year of closing. A minimum of 20% of the total consideration to SSC will be paid in cash (approximately $2.95 million). A portion of the consideration may be paid in the form of publicly traded stock at the discretion of BT, and in that case the securities will represent a public company affiliated with BT, in an industry related to SSC’s and with an average daily trading value of at least $146,000.


Principal Factors Affecting Our Financial Performance


The Company is in the process of transforming its business model and is aiming to be a leading Intelligent Industrial Internet company with solutions designed to provide operational efficiencies in today's constantly evolving business landscape. With a focus on 'BASE' technology and infrastructure (Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Supply Chain & Exchanges) to power our V PaaS (Virtual Platform as a Service), SSC is creating a closed trade ecosystem for buyers and sellers designed to eliminate supply chain and transactional middlemen and create a more direct and margin-expanding trading path for principals. SSC is applying BASE + V PaaS to focus on 3 Core Cloud Areas: I. Intellectual Property Cloud; II. Product Sales Cloud; III. Financial Services Cloud. With the three clouds functioning both independently and interdependently, SSC is creating a vertical, transactional and flexible platform for today's global enterprises. In connection with this transformation, the Company has recently assembled a new experienced management team, stabilized the foundation, capitalized and rebranded the Company, reconfigured the business structure, expanded the Company’s mission and business lines, made several key investments and finally, injected several privately held and revenue producing assets into the corporation. It is uncertain whether these efforts will prove beneficial or whether we will be able to develop the necessary business models, infrastructure and systems to support the business. This includes having or hiring the right talent to execute our business strategy. Market acceptance of new product and service offerings will be dependent in part on our ability to include functionality and usability that address customer requirements, and optimally price our products and services to meet customer demand and cover our costs.




United States


Seven Stars Cloud Group, Inc. and M. Y. Products, LLC are subject to United States tax. No provision for income taxes in the United States has been made as both companies had no taxable profit in the United States since inception.


Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands


Under the current laws of the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands, we are not subject to tax on our income or capital gains. In addition, dividend payments are not subject to withholding tax in the Cayman Islands or British Virgin Islands.